A Day in My Life Living in the Metaverse

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5 min readNov 9, 2022

The metaverse is an amazing digital phenomenon. It is life-changing and can profoundly impact your life in such a way that you may potentially forget what reality is.

In light of this, here’s a 24-hour account of how I live in the metaverse and the things I love doing. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

A Day in the Metaverse

I get up around 9 am, and sometimes I oversleep and get up at 11 am, but it’s all good since I work from home and don’t particularly have any deadlines to worry about. Anyways, after getting up, I put the coffee machine to work while I take a long, warm shower with some music on. At the same time, I follow up on current affairs, watching the news on a built-in TV in my bathroom.

After I am done with that, I head downstairs, get my coffee and go out to the patio on my front lawn. The view is exceptionally beautiful; I built a two-story house in the middle of a lush green forest, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, along with incredible views of snow-capped mountain ranges. It’s breathtaking, the things you can do in the metaverse — I mean, I built my dream house with a little lake in the front with deer running around.

So, as I sip my coffee, I check my phone for work emails and my social media. Yes, you can check your actual emails in the virtual ecosystem! When I am done with coffee, it’s time for some cardio. I whip my gym wear, put on my runners and go out for a jog near the lake (I have a treadmill at home), but it feels as if you’re running outdoors in real life. I pass my neighbour who is walking his German shepherd, we exchange pleasantries, and I head further inland to get to my favourite spot on the mountain close to my estate.

I get to the top, whip out my energy drink and a granola bar, and take in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of nature. At this point, I am a bit hungry and crave a pizza, so I head back home and place an order for a large double-cheese Domino’s pizza via their 3D platform kiosk in Homespace Metaverse. It’s no different than ordering pizza in real life — you select your pizza in the virtual world and get it delivered to your home (your real home). I can even order Burger King, Chipotle, and Arby’s; it’s pretty fascinating.

Anyways, while waiting for the pizza, I open Netflix and spend a couple of minutes figuring out what to watch. Ahh, the pizza is here, finally! After having breakfast, I open my virtual laptop and begin working on my current project. I am a 3D game designer, so the metaverse is the perfect place to do some focused and visualized brainstorming.

It’s amazing, really. I can quite literally see and do what I am thinking — I mean, I am making holograms, like how Iron Man does when he’s designing his suits with Jarvis. So, working in a virtual space is quite exhilarating, especially since I am in complete control of designing my own office space and ambiance. My virtual workspace is right near the ocean, and I work looking at incredible views of the horizon. This helps me focus even more. I also sometimes like to work on the moon! I mean, why not?

After work, I hop into my flying car (yes, I have a flying car in the metaverse) and fly home, listening to my favourite podcast. After reaching home, it’s time to get ready to go out with some friends. We are meeting on Mt. Fuji for a picnic. Imagine looking at an exact virtual replication of Mt. Fuji — I mean the mountain is right in front of you; it’s absolutely stunning. We are having some drinks and snacks and are now going to hit the clubs. I am joined by a couple of my childhood friends, one from Australia and the other from Germany. It is pretty awesome seeing them right in front of me, it didn’t feel like they were thousands of miles away.

We are now going to The Great Pug, which is a metaverse bar developed by OwlBoy. I am really excited for it. We have some drinks; I am forced to dance despite my poor skills. But the crowd is huge and in some way, I am also glad that I am dancing because I meet an interesting girl. We immediately connect. I buy her a drink, and we exchange phone numbers. She lives in Bulgaria. However, the next day, I ask her out and we go out for dinner at the Pixelated Soho House, which is an oddly satisfying experience. Sofia and I are officially a “thing” now and pretty much do everything together in the metaverse, although I am quite excited to meet her in person next month.

Moving on, I am going for an appointment with my therapist, phew, I almost forgot. So, I go to see the specialist, an amazing doctor. (She has been a focal point in helping me get through some of my traumas.) Plus, her office is located on a beautiful oceanfront location, right in the middle of a dreamlike valley, overshadowed by snow-capped mountains. So, simply driving to the location feels relaxing in itself. So yeah, who knew the metaverse could help combat anxiety and stress, it’s incredible.

After my session, Sofia and I are going to an Abba concert together in the metaverse. I book the tickets from a metaverse vendor. It is pretty fun; I mingle and talk to people from all over the world. The venue is jam-packed with colourful avatars and characters. Everybody is having a blast.

After the concert, Sofia and I are going home, and yeah, we are going to bed, wrapping up the day. I am eager to see what tomorrow brings.

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