Crypton x Homespace Giveaway

Homespace Metasite Network
1 min readOct 26, 2022

Crypton has prepared a giveaway of their NFTs for the Homespace Metaverse community.

The draw is divided into two stages.

🥇In the [1] round, you need to fill out the form. Then, on the 30th of October, we will randomly choose 50 winners who will get Crypton community NFT. These NFTs will allow you to enter the second round and have the opportunity to get Homespace Shuttle.

🥈Round [2] will start on October 26th. Crypton NFT holders need to do a simple verification in Crypton Collector Bot and take part in our NFT Shuttles draw.

Crypton NFTs will be required for you to get a certain amount of points needed to participate in the contest.

All details regarding the Crypton Collector Bot are available at @crypton_collector_bot (Telegram), the bot interface has a Russian adaptation, but all necessary is easily translatable.

Entry form available here :

The form will be closed on 30th of October.


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