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2 min readDec 19, 2022


Christmas is all about an effort that we all and each of us make together. The actions on the way of making things better. This is what our team believes in. We are excited to announce the Homespace Christmas program. We will invite you to a special virtual place in Homespace, filled with the cosiness of our favourite holiday films and the soft magic light of Christmas stars — Homespace Christmas level

Moreover, we will call you to join Homespace in making a gift to those who are waiting the most for Christmas magic to happen.

Homespace Christmas is a charity program that aims to help worldwide. Participation in the program means a donation to the selected fund of the program. 100% of the donation would go to the charity fund of your choice. The amount of the donation is voluntary. The minimum amount of the contribution is 1MATIC.

For your participation, you would get a present — a digital collectible from Homespace, which we will send to your wallet. This Christmas, let’s take action to make the world a better place. Help with Homespace

Start date will be announced soon

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