Homespace Metaverse extends to Metasite

Homespace Metasite Network
2 min readNov 16, 2022

Homespace Metaverse expands on the B2B market, offering businesses and brands to present products and goods through the Metasite extension.

💡Metasite is a protocol installed on a website that creates a new visualization layer in a photorealistic 3D space. Metasite interface erases the border between on-line and on-site, creating the space between reality and virtuality.

The human brain is more inclined to memorize spaces than abstract pictures — and now, within the framework of Metasites, any business could be represented by a professionally created showroom or virtual office.

💭With deeper capabilities for user integration in virtual reality, companies get a new channel for effectively creating a brand image. Photorealistic graphics of Homespace allows companies to sell tangible goods in the virtual world, letting users interact.

All Metasites would be easily accessible through the homepage of Metabrowser.

Metabrowser would be used as well-known internet browsers, like Safari or Google Chrome, but would lead users to virtual reality sites.

💡Metasites are the future of the internet, and we, Homespace Metaverse, aim to fill the niche with the best photorealistic version of those. At the moment, anyone can enter zkSync Metasite in Homespace Metaverse, the first case of Metasite in our ecosystem.

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About Homespace

Homespace is a Metaverse with photorealistic graphics where boundaries between real and virtual worlds are erased. It is a new type of social network that will allow spending time with friends in private worlds and public virtual spaces. Part of the Homespace project is Artificial Intelligence, which can develop into an AI Assistant, a friend, or a companion.

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