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3 min readJul 27, 2021

To mark it’s opening, Homespace is giving away 1000 NFTs to help spread awareness about the future of AI made art.

The First Homespace NFT Collection

Our AI was tailored and trained for creative spirit by specialists here at Homespace and already created a few dozens of masterpieces. We identified mint NFTs to be the best works and are kickstarting our first NFT collection.

Art Made by our AI

Meet IO — our Artificial Intelligence MetaHuman bot, which learned to analyze, learn, adapt, and create unique and beautiful artworks. By analyzing thousands of complex and simple artworks she learned to create her own brilliant masterpieces.

In the future, we will select her best works and provide her with even more references to learn from. We’re not far from the day when she will be able to operate like an independent artist and have an independent profile page on our market place.

The Collection

For this collection, we supplied IO with oil paintings made with different techniques, pictures of landscapes, and diverse styles as an inspiration for her own work. We wanted the output to have precise small details or on the contrary have very thick brush strokes indistinguishable from the work of a hand-made painting.

NFTs Giveaway

There will be 1000 NFTs in total that are divided into different categories from Common to Unique.

  • x900 pieces of 9 different types of Common NFT art
  • x60 pieces of 6 different types of Rare NFT art
  • х30 pieces of 6 different types of Epic NFT art
  • x9 pieces of 3 different types of Gold NFT art
  • x1 piece of Unique Animated NFT Art


All you need to do is to post a tweet about our project with mention of our Twitter profile and join our Telegram channel.

The first 1000 participants who will mention our Twitter account on their page will be eligible for the NFT giveaway. The rarity degree of the tokens will be determined and given away via randomizer.

This testing collection is unique in its nature and won’t have any similar works minted on the market. For the next collection we will start a new learning curve for AI and have an absolutely different style.

The giveaway will take place from 27.07.2021 8 PM CET until 9.08.2021 8 PM CET. It might take a few days to filter the results, randomize the prizes, and send them to the winners of the giveaway.

If the giveaway illustrates a demand higher than what the giveaway was intended to be, we will create an additional giveaway featuring our new collection in it’s early stages.

About Homespace

Homespace is a decentralized social network with an array of photo-realistic virtual worlds and architecture — visualizations of “dream homes” with a separate world for each user induced with AI that will be adaptable for mobile devices, PC and VR.

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We also have a News Channel where you can monitor the latest news of the HomeSpace project.