NFT Sale Closed, 200+ Donations to Charity from our Community, IDO schedule, Participation in the TON hackathon, and Meeting Rooms.

Homespace Metasite Network
2 min readJan 30, 2023


Homespace News — January

  1. NFT Shuttles Sold. Due to the successful close of the entire Second Round of the Homespace Shuttles collection , we are starting to prepare the promised Homespace Network Metasite Map with Lands for sale. Lands will be linked to Domains with metasites and represent a visualized map of our entire network. The remaining vehicles will be sold at our partner sites — stay tuned for updates.

2. 200+ Donations to Charity from our Community. We did not do any paid advertising for our charity level and received over 200 donations. All of the money raised for charity at the Christmas level was sent to charity funds. We will report on all the details and report back later in a separate post.

3. IDO will be held at the end of June. All owners of the rarest cars will have an access to the token sale whitelist.

4. After the project’s launch by the end of the year we will begin incentivizing NFT holders and early adopters.

5. We are participating in the TON hackathon. Telegram will be implemented as the main messenger in our ecosystem.

6. By the time MVP launches, it will be possible to use all levels of the project as a closed Meeting Rooms for virtual gatherings with friends and colleagues.

#homespacenews a Metasite Network — a set of products creating a new generation of the Internet in the form of three-dimensional spaces — metasites. Metasites is a combination of high-budget cinematic advertisement, website, and game that multiplies the conversion of users to customers or loyal supporters. It is instantly available through streaming in a regular web browser or with a high fps app in metabrowser with photorealistic graphics and full interactivity instead of flat sites.

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