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3 min readSep 3, 2021


Virtual Assistant

We’re designing Homespace to serve as a creative outlet and your peaceful look in the world of virtual reality. To give you a better virtual home experience, we are introducing an AI Assistant — your Virtual Companion, with a customizable appearance, voice, and personality. You can let your AI Companion develop organically, give it an interpretation of your own character or create a unique set of traits by filling out personality tests.

Based on your commands, the AI Assistant will be able to perform various tasks, including ordering food online, making recipe suggestions based on the ingredients inside of your virtual fridge, notifying you of new music album releases from your favourite artists, managing your calendar and schedule. AI can also guide you through Homespace tutorials, technical support, and development news.

What makes your AI Companion the closest thing to a true virtual friend is our machine learning technology, giving the AI the ability to understand and talk to you organically by reacting based on the information you have already shared. Use your knowledge of your preferences and interests to make Homespace Community or friend recommendations. To enrich your Homespace experience, you can chat with your AI, explore the virtual world together, and watch your Companion grow with you.

Our plans for the development of AI include teaming up with professional psychologists to build a complex emotional support system.

Would you like to speak with an AI replica of your favourite director, writer, actor, musician or CEO of an international company?

The technologies available to us: Neuro Language Processing, GPT3, Text-to-Speech, MetaHuman open up the possibility for us to create replicas of the personalities of the Great People of our time within Homespace. The creation of such “replicas” based on artificial intelligence is planned to be carried out in the most reliable form in the space characteristic of their real life. This will give you the opportunity to talk about the signature handwriting of the great artist in his “real” studio, see how he folds the instruments, find out what Mr. Biden eats for breakfast at the White House and what speakers are on the rehearsal base of the famous musician.

Our company has a separate section for the development of locations and replicas of the personalities of such people. Our goal is to give everyone a real opportunity to talk with directors, artists, architects, musicians, politicians, and artists they are interested in, in order to learn from the experience of those who are changing this world, to be inspired in conversation with them, to consult or seek advice.

We look forward to your support.

About Homespace

Homespace is a decentralised virtual platform that allows you to create your personal photorealistic world — your Homespace, where you can design the home of your dreams, featuring your own customizable AI Assistant.

Homespace will be released for PC and mobile devices with VR support in 2022.

Early access beta will be available in late 2021.

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