We are happy to inform you that a new sprint is being launched on crew3!

Homespace Metasite Network
2 min readNov 7, 2022


The rules have changed a little this time, and not all quests will be considered in the current sprint. There aren’t many sprint quests at the moment, but they will be replenished several times a week, so remember to keep an eye on updates.

You can view our quests on Crew3 at this link: homespace.crew3.xyz, and log in through your Discord account. You can find the leaderboard and the experience you have gained in the “Leaderboard” table. We have also created separate discord chats to discuss tasks and issues related to their implementation.

🚀The sprint will be completed on 07.12.2022


The 3 most experienced people will receive NFT Shuttles from us.

About Homespace

Homespace is a Metaverse with photorealistic graphics where boundaries between real and virtual worlds are erased. It is a new type of social network that will allow spending time with friends in private worlds and public virtual spaces. Part of the Homespace project is Artificial Intelligence, which can develop into an AI Assistant, a friend, or a companion.

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We also have a News Channel where you can monitor the latest news of the Homespace project.