Why metasites are the future of the internet, what is web 4.0, and how to make money from it?

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2 min readJan 23, 2023


If you had bought shares in Google when it was created, no doubt you would make a lot of money by now. And if we gave you the opportunity to go back in time and buy that stock, you would definitely do it. :)

Now imagine that thirty years from now we give you the opportunity to buy shares in a company that will be the new Google in thirty years. What that company it сould be?

To understand this, imagine the Internet of the future. To accomplish it, you have to look at the children. They are already choosing virtual games over conventional ones. They are on their toes with electronics, and interaction in virtual reality has become for them not a replacement but an extension of reality. That’s why we are absolutely convinced that 3D sites, we called them Metasites, are the future of the Internet. The development of VR, the speed of the Internet, and graphics will inevitably lead to a situation where people will use some semblance of reality — a Matrix if you like. And the company that creates that Matrix will become the new Google. Games, sex, education, socialization. The 3d internet and gadgets will be able to satisfy almost all human needs.

If you will be with us, Homespace can be this company.

Don’t you believe in that future? But yesterday we didn’t believe in an AI that helped to write the text you are now reading and create the picture you are seeing.

Author: Homespace CEO + GPT3

Image: @roman.mrshow + MidJourney


Homespace.is a Metasite Network — a set of products creating a new generation of the Internet in the form of three-dimensional spaces — metasites. Metasites is a combination of high-budget cinematic advertisement, website, and game that multiplies the conversion of users to customers or loyal supporters. It is instantly available through streaming in a regular web browser or with a high fps app in metabrowser with photorealistic graphics and full interactivity instead of flat sites.

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