zkSync Launch event

and first Homespace Meta-site

Homespace Metasite Network
2 min readOct 29, 2022

Homespace Metaverse gets closer to you with new features from the zkSync ecosystem!

We are very excited about this collaboration that will allow all members of the zkSync community to experience Homespace Metaverse and all members of Homespace community to explore zkSync thanks to our new development — the launch of the zkSync demo showroom where you can dive into Homespace, get acquainted with the zkSync ecosystem and claim your POAP!

POAPs are distributed on the zkSync testnet. Therefore, they will reset in a couple of weeks. However, once the zkSync mainnet is widely accessible to the broad public, we will resend updated versions of those POAPs to all eligible addresses.

Try it right now and claim your zkSync Launch event POAP!

To claim an POAP for visiting the zkSync Launch event, you’ll need a crypto wallet

1. Download and create any wallet supported by Wallet Connect (1inch, MetaMask, TrustWallet, etc.)
2. Connect to Wallet Connect through any available way (phone, desktop)
3. Confirm the claim transaction in your wallet

This unique opportunity will allow you to immerse yourself in the new, unexplored world of Homespace, which will become a home for all of us someday.

About Homespace

Homespace is a Metaverse with photorealistic graphics where boundaries between real and virtual worlds are erased. It is a new type of social network that will allow spending time with friends in private worlds and public virtual spaces. Part of the Homespace project is Artificial Intelligence, which can develop into an AI Assistant, a friend, or a companion.

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